Anonymous asked:

I feel like this is a rly stupid q so sorry! I go to school & work all the hours I'm not studying so I don't have time to shop for recipes for meals every day - I have to do big weekly/fortnightly shops but I'm so bad at buying meal staples I have no idea what I'm doing! I'm about to start my 2nd year living alone - how do I do big food shops? I'm sick of buying ready made crap but don't know what "ingredients" to buy? I know meal plans are the way to go but Idk what I'll wanna eat in a week :(

no-more-ramen answered:

this is a great question! one of our new guest bloggers will actually be writing her first post about this. it should be up within the next week or so, so look out for that! in the meantime, here’s an ask i answered awhile ago with some helpful shopping list links from our archives!

This is VERY useful.  Thanks a mil to whomever asked that question.